The Titan Booster Club is a non-profit organization solely dedicated to making the athletic programs at Gibson Southern successful at all levels.  Along with the support from the Booster Club, a successful athletic program depends on dedicated students, staff, parents, and community. We are very lucky to have all of that at GS! By becoming a Booster Club member, you too can further promote high school athletics at Gibson Southern. If interested, see one of the current Booster Club members!


President: Von Wolfe (23 Years)

Vice President: Amy Sellers (4 Years)

Treasurer: Debbie Bales (3)

Secretary: Vicki Spindler (1)

Sarah Foster ( 3), Kris Raley(8), Jill Sensmeier(10), Vicki Spindler (1), Lisa Jones (1), & Jessie Weber (1)

Years of service as Titan Booster Member noted in ( ).

Important Info/Upcoming Events

Did you know that the annual Toyota Raffle ticket sales fund over 95% of the Booster Club’s resources to support all of Gibson Southern Athletics?

We need your help to achieve a 75% participation from all GS athletes – We Can Do It!

If you are a GS athlete, we are asking that you sell 10 tickets by the deadline.The Booster Club has great incentives for selling 10 tickets:

·5 Early Bird Drawings $100 VISA Gift Card to ticket buyer and $50 VISA Gift Card to the Athlete who sold the ticket

·$200 VISA Gift Card to one lucky GS athlete who sells all 10 tickets

·$800 Athletic Team award for highest # of athletes who participate by selling all 10 tickets

Turn your sold tickets and money into the GS Bookstore or any Booster Club Member


The Titan Booster Club is proud to support Titan Athletics:

  • New Uniforms for Many Sport Teams

  • Two (2)- $500 Senior Athlete College Scholarships

  • Indoor and Outdoor Senior Athlete  Recognition Sign

  • Sport Calendars

  • ESPN Game Sponsorship of Broadcast-ed GS Games

  • Travel Expenses to Tournaments and Post Season Play